Recent Publications and Presentations:

Kotler DH, Babu AN, Robidoux G.  Prevention, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation of Cycling-Related Injury. Curr Sports Med Rep. 2016 May-Jun;15(3):199-206.

Rice SE, Bhatnagar S, Kotler DH. Female cyclists are more likely than male cyclists to report concussion symptoms following a crash. Presentation of Medicine of Cycling Conference, August 13, 2016, Colorado Springs, CO.

Kotler DH, Rice SE, Bhatnagar S, Robidoux G. Implementation of a cycling-specific medical clinic. Presentation at Science and Cycling Conference, June 2016, Caen, France.

Thank you for your participation in our survey, “Injury Issues in the Cycling Community.”

helmet5We received a large number of responses and are analyzing the data to help improve medical care for cyclists.  We anticipate that the data gathered will identify areas of need, so that the medical field may better serve the cycling community.  Data analysis is underway and papers are forthcoming!

Dana Kotler, MD
Saurabha Bhatnagar, MD
Greg Robidoux, PT