The team put on quite a workshop this weekend at the 2015 American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly.  Last year, the idea for a bicycling biomechanics workshop was born through some brainstorming, and we quickly wrote it up and submitted it.  One after another, colleagues volunteered to be a part of it, and we wound up with a fantastic team, enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of cycling mechanics, fit, and injury with a crowd of over 25 participants.


Our presenters included Greg Robidoux, PT and Director of Education for the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), who lectured on the importance of fit and gave a fit demonstration.  Saurabha Bhatnagar, MD, physiatrist and traumatic brain injury specialist served as our moderator, giving the introduction and context and keeping us on track.  Dana Kotler, MD, director of the workshop, spoke on cycling related overuse and mechanical injury, as well as the contribution of degenerative change to cycling biomechanics.  For the practical section of our workshop, we were joined by Dan Cushman, MD, physiatrist and sports medicine physician as well as elite triathlete, on faculty at the University of Utah , as well as Ali Flis, MD also of the University of Utah.


For the fit portion of the workshop, a cohort of stellar volunteers brought their bikes and rode them on trainers for 45 minutes so that participants could get a visual sense of the distinctions between road, cyclocross, TT, and mountain bikes.  The workshop participants seemed to enjoy this small-group experience and definitely got a chance to ask lots of interesting questions.


Overall the workshop was a great success!  We are hoping for more chances to talk about cycling medicine and the importance of bike fit at national meetings like this one.